Driving / Riding Tips

It might sound obvious, but you cannot drive/ ride the same way in the dark as you would in daylight – but that’s what a lot of people do. Make allowances for your own abilities in darkness; your eyes take time to get used to the dark. And be aware others might not be as careful as you, and might not be wearing reflective or bright clothing as they should do. Take on the responsibility of looking out for others.

Motorcyclists, hi-visibility clothing is important during the day, and reflective clothing is essential to wear when travelling in the dark. Make sure you can be seen.

Riding in low sun will make it difficult to see ahead, be prepared to slow down and make sure you keep your eyes shaded using a visor helmet if you have one.  Drivers slow down too and ensure you have a pair of sunglasses handy as the sun visor will not necessarily stop low sun from beaming into your windscreen.  Keep your windscreen clean and de misted.

When riding/ driving through bad weather switch on your dipped headlights to help you see further ahead. Avoid using full beam as this will only dazzle other road users.

Wise words from Peter Rodger head of IAM’s driving standards.